Byte Technology for Food Retailers

Are you passionate about providing great local food?


Byte Technology allows you to sell your food to more people, in more places, at any hour of the day.

Increase sales with little overhead
Know what is being eaten and when
Get your brand in front of thousands of people
Make hungry people happy

Restocking a Byte Market is simple

Byte Technology's unique RFID-based technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the kiosk providing efficient inventory control — no manual entry needed

Unlock the door with a pincode

Place items on a shelf

You are ready to sell!


Log into your dashboard for real-time inventory and sales


"Byte Technology has been an invaluable technology partner that's allowed Byte to create a new retail experience. Using Byte, employers gain a flexible and affordable way to fuel their teams with locally sourced food and drink options."

— Megan Mokri, CEO, Byte Foods

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