Byte Technology for Restaurants

Sell Food In More Places, More Profitably.


Consumer demand for convenience is driving significant behavior change. On demand delivery is surging and by 2020, 50% of spend at restaurants will be “take away”. What if you could eliminate the distance between customers and the products they love? Byte Technology’s small footprint stores enable you to sell your restaurant’s fresh grab ‘n go products where consumers are already spending time – workplaces, hospitals, universities, apartment buildings and more.

Extend the hours and reach of your restaurant
Embed your products within consumers' daily lives
Food can be available anytime and anywhere
Real time sales and inventory ensures efficient operations

Restocking a Byte Technology store is simple

Byte Technology's unique RFID-based technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the kiosk providing efficient inventory control — no manual entry needed

Unlock the door

Place items on the shelf

You are ready to sell!


Log into your dashboard for real-time inventory, sales, and insights


"It's so great having a fresh food option when I'm studying late at night. Thank you Byte Technology!"

— Julie, Carnegie Mellon Student

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