Byte Technology for Vending + OCS

Wow Customers With Fresh Food


Clients are demanding healthier, fresher options for their employees, students, and patrons. Small and medium sized businesses are underserved and have little access to affordable ways to feed their workforce. Byte Technology unattended stores are purpose built to unlock the multi billion dollar opportunity of food service to smaller offices. Serve locations of any size, sell an array of fresh product, and maximize the revenue potential of your existing locations.

Extend the meal parts that generate revenue
Offer more fresh products in a small footprint store
Serve locations of any size
Real time sales and inventory ensures efficient operations

Restocking a Byte Technology store is simple

Byte Technology's unique RFID-based technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the kiosk providing efficient inventory control — no theft, no honor system and no user error with manual entry needed

Unlock the door

Place items on the shelf

You are ready to sell!


Log into your dashboard for real-time inventory, sales, and insights


"It's so great having a fresh food option when I'm studying late at night. Thank you Byte Technology!"

— Julie, Carnegie Mellon Student

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