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Deliver Food and Retail Services 24/7

Byte Technology’s controlled-access kiosks redefine convenience with secure, innovative food and retail solutions. Offer 24/7 access unattended without the risk of theft while optimizing revenue, reducing costs, and delighting customers.

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Easily Address Modern Challenges

Combat Labor Shortages

Our kiosks offer controlled access for unattended, off-cycle sales, ensuring continuous, theft-proof service and streamlined 24/7 operations, especially in labor-scarce environments.

Offer 24/7/365 Service

Provide quick, diverse food and retail options all day, every day. Even in high-traffic areas, Byte’s tap, grab, and go system minimizes wait times and enhances customer experience.

Plug In and Go

Our compact kiosks require just an electrical outlet and come pre-equipped for connectivity. With low startup costs and a fast ROI, they ‘re a cost-effective, low-maintenance food and retail solution.

Maximize Revenue

Our smart system uses real-time sales, inventory, and temperature data for efficient product management, monitors expiration dates, and employs an advanced pricing engine to boost profitability.

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Transform Healthcare Food Services

Byte’s compact kiosks, expertly tailored for hospital settings, enhance food service efficiency in high-traffic areas such as staff lounges, emergency centers, and lobbies.

Offering a variety of fresh meals, snacks, and drinks, they cater to the needs of healthcare staff and patients alike, providing convenient dining options day and night, significantly reducing wait times even in fast-paced environments.

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“Having sales overnight and on weekends has helped us reduce food waste and keep everything fresh. The positive feedback from my team and our customers has been overwhelming.”

— Katie Bradford, Director of Food & Nutrition Services

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Elevate Campus Dining

Fully compatible with key student dining card systems like CBORD and Blackboard, Byte kiosks seamlessly blend into campus life. Strategically placed in dorms, lecture halls, and other high-traffic areas, they significantly broaden food and retail options across campus.

When it comes to diverse food options, these kiosks not only enhance accessibility but effectively eliminate food deserts, ensuring students have convenient options in a variety of locations


“Byte will continue to be a healthy wellness initiative and our solution to food deserts on campus. It isn’t just a short-term solution.”

— Temesgen Araya, the Director of Dining Services, Williams College.

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Start and Scale with Ease



Our small-footprint kiosk is designed for quick setup, operational within minutes, and integrates seamlessly into any space. An onboarding team and extensive Help Desk ensure a smooth start.


Fill your kiosk with desired items, remotely monitor inventory, and manage restocking efficiently. Our platform also dynamically adjusts prices based on product expiration, optimizing stock levels.


Track your kiosk’s performance in real-time for uptime and health. An intelligent system ensures safe and efficient service management, keeping a close eye on product expiration for optimal operation.


Our advanced pricing engine enhances operations, maximizing profitability with customized subsidies, coupons, and discounts—turning each kiosk into it’s own continuous, autonomous revenue stream.

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