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Customers want choice and convenience. Provide a range of fresh, healthy food options and essential retail items anytime, anywhere with Byte.

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Provide customers with 24/7 access to fresh, healthy food and retail options using just an electrical outlet. Byte kiosks come pre-equipped with cellular connectivity and easily integrate with major payment systems, ensuring they are operational as soon as they are stocked.

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Serve Customers Everywhere

Enhance your sales by integrating a network of Byte stores into your customers’ daily routines – at home, at work, and throughout the community. Customers can conveniently check what’s available in your Byte kiosk right from their phones.

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The Most Frictionless Buying Experience

Always Open

Byte kiosks offer unattended, off-cycle food and retail sales 24/7, delivering round-the-clock shopping convenience to your customers, wherever they are.

Easy to Use

Easily integrated into any space, Byte kiosks bring 24/7 food and retail sales to more customers, in more locations, giving you more continuous revenue.

Flexible Menu

Meet customers’ diverse needs with a flexible digital experience featuring detailed nutritionals, allergens, ingredients and more—all filterable on the tablet menu.

Smart Service

Customers unlock the kiosk with the swipe or tap of a card and can browse all products before buying. Once closed, the kiosk automatically charges them for their purchase(s).

A Flexible Solution for Any Location

Byte kiosks’ compact design and effortless integration means you can meet diverse customer needs anywhere, even in high-traffic areas not traditionally suitable for food or retail services.


Deliver 24/7/365 food service in high-traffic areas such as staff lounges, emergency centers, and lobbies—providing nurses, doctors, patients and visitors with fast., convenient dining options day and night.

Byte for Healthcare




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Success Stories

See how others have successfully implemented Byte Technology smart refrigerators into food programs across the country.

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Discover how our compact, high-value kiosks can elevate your food and retail services. Tell us about yourself and see how we can increase your revenue and delight your customers together.

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