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The most affordable way to feed employees

Byte kiosks allow your team to purchase fresh food anytime.The small size means they can be embedded anywhere in your office.

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Delightful to use

With the swipe or tap of a card, the kiosk unlocks – and the customer is able to touch a product before buying. Once the door is closed, the kiosk automatically knows what was taken, charges the customer, and emails a receipt.

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Powerful, yet flexible subsidies

Support your team and encourage healthy eating by subsidizing food in the kiosk – all the time, during certain times of day, or only for certain categories of food. The choice is yours!


Launch in minutes

All you need to install a Byte kiosk is an outlet. We take care of the rest, and mean it when we say you can be up and running in minutes. Whether you wish to operate the kiosk yourself or be matched with a local operator, Byte can support you either way.

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The most cost-effective fresh food program.

Make fresh meals available for purchase, encourage healthy eating, and boost company culture. Byte Technology saves workplaces money while delighting employees.

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