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Convenience drives choice. Win students and staff over with unattended 24/7/365 food and retail service while you optimize revenue, lower costs, and enrich campus life.

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The Benefits of Byte

Delight Students Campus-Wide

Byte kiosks provide the convenient food and retail solutions students are looking for while requiring minimal upfront investment and creating a steady revenue stream for educational institutions.

Modernize Food Services

Food plays a crucial role in school selection for students and parents; by creating a modern, diverse, and expansive food service experience, you can tip the odds in your institution’s favor.

Offer the Desired Variety

Take Flexible Payment

Grow with the Ideal Solution


Make it Your Own

Byte kiosks can be customized to any brand, allowing for seamless integration of campus colors, logos, and identity, creating a familiar and cohesive experience across the campus.


Efficiently Customize

Fully customizable menus and offerings meet the demand for diversity, while the smart system aids in making data-driven decisions for stocking items that are most likely to sell.


Gain Continous Revenue

Deploy Byte kiosks effortlessly, requiring only an electrical outlet and no building alterations. Their low-cost and labor-free model leads to a quick ROI and continuous revenue stream.

Enrich Campus Life, for Less

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Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

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