Achieve Optimal Return

Increase Revenue with Intelligence

Experience enhanced profitability and efficient product management with Byte’s smart system, utilizing real-time data on sales, inventory, and temperature alongside an advanced pricing engine for optimal profitability.

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Quick Setup

Start and Stock Smartly

Byte’s small-footprint kiosk is operational within minutes, and integrates seamlessly into any space. Once stocked, the intelligent system remotely monitors inventory to take the guesswork out of restocking and dynamically adjusts prices based on product expiration, optimizing stock levels.

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Peak Performance

Maximize Sales, Minimize Waste

Byte kiosks give you the control and visibility to track and monitor performance in real time, while the advanced pricing engine uses custom subsidies, coupons, and discounts to reduce waste and transform each kiosk into its own continuous, autonomous revenue stream.

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Let Data Do the Work

Intelligent Restocking

Remotely view your kiosk’s inventory, sales, and out-of-stock rates so you know exactly what to order and when it needs to be delivered

Dynamic Pricing

Allow our platform to dynamically adjust the price of a product based on the anticipated expiration date so nothing goes to waste.

Best-in-Class Food Safety

Stress less about safety knowing you’ll be alerted or can automatically lock a kiosk down when acceptable temperature ranges are exceeded.

Uptime Monitoring

Byte kiosks report health check-ins every ten minutes so you can maintain confidence in the uptime and health of every kiosk in your storefront.

A Flexible Solution for Any Location

Byte kiosks’ compact design and effortless integration means you can meet diverse customer needs anywhere, even in high-traffic areas not traditionally suitable for food or retail services.


Deliver 24/7/365 food service in high-traffic areas such as staff lounges, emergency centers, and lobbies—providing nurses, doctors, patients and visitors with fast., convenient dining options day and night.

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Success Stories

See how a variety of our clients have delighted customers, increased revenue and found continuous, autonomous success with Byte’s smart food and retail solutions.

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