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Open New Revenue Channels, Reach New Customers

Byte kiosks facilitate unattended, 25/7/365 retail sales without extra staffing. Effectively extending your reach by providing a secure, low-cost option for continuous service in non-traditional locations.

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Serve Customers Anywhere

Byte kiosks fit into any environment where customers could use quick, easy retail options— workplaces, hospitals, apartment buildings, gyms, and more.

Their compact design and effortless integration mean you can meet customer demand anywhere, even in high-traffic areas not traditionally suitable for retail services.

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Combat Labor Shortages

Easily offer unattended, off-cycle sales without the need for additional staff with Byte’s theft-proof solution for continuous, uninterrupted service.


Easily integrate our kiosks without structural changes, offering a more economical solution compared to traditional stores or cafés.

24/7 Service

Our secure smart system ensures continuous, theft-proof service 24/7/365, keeping your operations running smoothly at all times.

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Cost-Effective Storefronts

Expand Sales for Less

Byte kiosks are a secure, innovative way to achieve 24/7 retail sales. Requiring only an electrical outlet and building alterations, our kiosks offer low initial costs and a quick ROI, making them a much more cost-effective, low-maintenance solution compared to traditional storefronts.

As customer interest grows, the adaptable design and almost effortless setup make it easy to add more as needed, allowing you to effectively reach new customers and grow your revenue.

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Streamline Operations

Drive Revenue with Data

Byte kiosks give you the data-driven visibility to track and monitor performance in real-time and remotely monitor inventory, sales, and out-of-stock rates so you know exactly what to order and when.

This effectively minimizes costs and enhances profitability—making each kiosk its own continuous, autonomous revenue stream.

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