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Byte kiosks facilitate unattended, off-cycle food and retail sales without extra staffing, providing a secure, low-cost option for continuous service even in high-traffic areas.

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Effortlessly expand 24/7 food and retail services without additional headcount.

Designed for rapid deployment and seamless integration, these autonomous kiosks feature intelligent systems that utilize real-time data for optimal product and service management, complemented by an advanced pricing engine to boost profitability.

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Unlock Autonomous Growth

Cost-Effective Integration

Requiring only an electrical outlet and pre-equipped with connectivity, our kiosks offer low initial costs and a quick ROI, making them a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution compared to traditional cafes and stores.

Profitable Around the Clock

Our kiosks deliver secure, theft-proof food and retail services 24/7, and with optimized profitability through tailored subsidies, coupons, and discounts, each becomes its own continuous, autonomous revenue stream.

Scalable to Demand

As demand increases, the adaptable design, quick integration, and low cost of these small-footprint kiosks make it easy to add more as needed, helping you easily capitalize on customer interest wherever it is.

Always Theft-Proof

Know Your Service is Secure

Byte kiosks provide secure, 24/7, unattended service by exclusively permitting access via payment card, employee badge, or student card.

Utilizing RFID technology, each kiosk tracks inventory with internal shelf sensors, monitoring which items are taken and instantly charging the customer once the door closes.


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