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The Ultimate Round-the-Clock Amenity

Extend the hours and reach of your current dining service, or replace your current in-room service with a kiosk that is open 24/7 and stocked with a range of fresh meals, snacks, and drinks.

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Surprise and delight guests.

With the swipe or tap of a card, the kiosk unlocks – and the customer is able to consider a product before buying. Once the door is closed, the kiosk automatically knows what was taken and charges the customer accordingly, emailing a receipt if requested.

byte kiosk in a hotel

Effortless to launch.

Get up and running in minutes, ensuring patrons have round-the-clock access to fresh, healthy food. All that’s required is a single electrical outlet! Whether you choose to operate the kiosk yourself or partner with one of Byte’s many operators in your area, we’ll ensure getting started is a breeze.

food on shelf (2)

Maximize sales, minimize costs.

View the inventory, sales, and out-of-stock rates of a kiosk remotely so you know when and what to stock. Leverage customer feedback to improve your overall offering.

the byte technology dashboard

The most cost-effective fresh food program.

Augment the hours of your kitchen or replace it altogether, Byte Technology saves hotels money while delighting patrons and staff.

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