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In the past five years the food industry has seen a seismic shift in how consumers think about fresh food. Today, demand is driven by convenience and the ease of consuming a particular product. Leading food brands are evolving how they sell products, with the goal of pushing their products to the customer in addition to pulling them into their restaurant or store. We know that the largest pool of potential customers spend 40-50 hours per week working in an office. There is no doubt that workplaces are the next big retail opportunity.

Byte Technology stores are built from the ground up to extend the reach of retail into workplaces, hospitals, airports, apartment complexes and other public areas. A fundamental part of deploying Byte Technology-powered stores is learning how to identify a location and sell into the correct decision maker to create a win-win scenario for both parties. Based on years of experience, we’re now experts in pitching this fresh service to offices and want to pass that knowledge along to you.

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2. The ideal client profile

Identifying the right location to deploy a store is very important. While there are many components to profitability

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