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The Top 5 Campus Card Payment Providers Are Now Supported by Byte Technology

Collegiate life has been a permanent fixture in pop culture over the past several decades, which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering how enrollment has skyrocketed. According to census data, in 1955, 2.4 million students enrolled in postsecondary education, whereas by 2015 that number had jumped to 19.1 million students. 

In our culture, a postsecondary education is perceived as a stepping stone for socioeconomic mobility—aka. The American Dream—and families will go into tremendous debt for this opportunity. Extracting the most value from a postsecondary education extends beyond studying, and that’s where Byte comes in: providing convenient fresh food 24/7.

A Byte of Brain Food

  • Atrium 
  • Transact 
  • CBORD 
  • TouchNet OneCard
  • ITC

Students purchase fresh food directly from Byte fridges that are placed in food halls, dorms, and other high traffic locations. A typical university student uses their ID card for just about all their day-to-day campus purchases – and now this includes purchases made at a Byte fridge.

4 Benefits of a Smart Unattended Refrigerator on Campus

Byte Technology’s smart refrigerator vending machines offer better access to fresh food, healthier options, and significantly reduced labor costs.

  1. Better Access, More Convenience
    It’s certainly not uncommon for students and staff to “burn the midnight oil” and need healthy food during off-hours and in a variety of locations that aren’t the cafeteria. Byte offers a fresh food vending solution that’s available 24×7 and can be installed almost anywhere.
  2. Reduced Labor Costs
    Today’s labor shortages and resulting rising labor costs have impacted the food service industry. This highlights the need for unattended smart fridges serving fresh food. Byte kiosks can help campuses cut costs while still expanding food service for their students.
  3. Improved Health
    Obesity has been steadily rising among adolescents for years. Now that students also have COVID to contend with, healthy food options are even more crucial on campus.

Support Students with Food Sensitivities
Customizing Byte fridges to create a standalone ‘gluten-free’ or ‘allergen-free’ fridge that’s available 24/7 is simple and will protect students from cross contamination.

Wanna Get Started Using the New Campus Card Integration?

It’s an easy 3 steps:

  1. Already have a Byte kiosk? Start with a kick-off call with the Byte Technology team. 
  2. Byte will gather some intel like your Merchant ID, then guide you on how to set Byte up as a new terminal with your campus card provider. 
  3. Voila! Byte Technology handles the rest.

Smart Card on Campus

Byte’s integration with campus cards is a boon for postsecondary institutions and students because it meets both parties’ needs simultaneously. Implementing Byte-fridges across campus is simple for the university to deploy, and students benefit from the convenience and quality food.

With students and faculty returning to campuses post-covid, the demand for food on campus shall increase. Thanks to Byte’s card integration, students won’t need to carry cash and they’ll get used to the convenience of our unattended fridges, which they could likely see in their offices once they graduate. The pandemic placed a renewed spotlight on the benefits of a healthy body; now students have more choices for what they eat. A greasy slice of pizza isn’t the only option for late night snacking anymore, thanks to Byte.

If you’re interested in learning more, either for your own campus or for a campus where you are providing food service or fresh food vending, let’s set up a free introductory conversation.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to talk to you – email me directly at to schedule a call.

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