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The Five Top Campus Card Payment Providers Are Now Supported by Byte Technology

Byte Technology works with universities around the country. Students purchase fresh food directly from Byte fridges that are placed in food halls, dormitories, and other high traffic locations. A typical university student uses their identification cards for just about all their day-to-day campus purchases – and, starting today, this includes purchases made at a Byte fridge. 

Byte’s new campus card integration allows students to conveniently use their campus cards to make purchases from Byte Technology’s smart refrigerator vending machines. Thanks to Byte Technology’s recent upgrade, K-12, universities, hospitals, senior living facilities, workplaces and other organizations can now accept cards from five of the leading campus card providers:

  • Atrium 
  • Transact 
  • CBORD 
  • TouchNet OneCard
  • ITC

Integration with these campus card providers further supports Byte Technology’s checkout free, user-friendly payment experience. 

4 Key Benefits Smart Refrigerator Fresh Food Vending on Campus

Byte Technology’s smart refrigerator vending machines offer better access to fresh food, healthier options, and significantly reduced labor costs. Here’s why these key benefits matter:

  1. Better Access, More Convenience
    It’s certainly not uncommon for students and staff to “burn the midnight oil” and need healthy food at off hours and in a variety of locations beyond the cafeteria. Byte provides a fresh food vending solution that’s available 24×7 and can be installed virtually anywhere.
  2. Reduced Labor Costs
    Today’s labor shortages and resulting rising labor costs are felt acutely in the food service industry. This creates the need for more efficient retail models, including smart refrigerator fresh food vending. So, whether you are extending the selling window beyond the availability of cafeteria personnel, or making fresh food available at additional locations without the need for added staffing, Byte kiosks can help you cut costs while still expanding food service.
  3. Improved Health
    Healthy foods lead to healthy bodies and increased productivity on every level. With COVID now a part of our daily lives, it’s important now more than ever to nourish students and support immunity.
  4. Support Students with Food Sensitivities
    With Byte fridges, it’s easy to create a standalone ‘gluten free’ or ‘allergen free’ fridge that’s available 24/7 and without the risks of cross contamination.

How Do You Get Started Using the New Campus Card Integration? 

The process is easy:

  1. If you already have a Byte kiosk, start with a kick off call with the Byte Technology team. 
  2. Byte will gather a few pieces of information, such as your Merchant ID, and guide you on how to set Byte up as a new terminal with your campus card provider. 
  3. Byte Technology handles the rest!

If you’re interested in learning more, either for your own campus or for a campus where you are providing food service or fresh food vending, let’s set up an introductory conversation.

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