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The Power of Byte’s Remote Lockdown Feature

The beauty of Byte Technology kiosks is that they are always open and ready to sell our clients’ fresh, healthy food. There are times, however, where it may be to your advantage to lock down a kiosk and prevent consumers from transacting. Here are a few examples of times that clients have found this feature invaluable:

  • Long holiday weekends. On a long holiday weekend some of your locations may not have people on site. Instead of making an unnecessary delivery to remove food that may perish, you can lock down the kiosk, and wait to remove the perishing food until the next delivery.
  • A delivery driver calls out sick and you have no backup. It’s happened to all of us. Someone calls out sick, and you’re not able to get backup to make the planned deliveries. If you have food that may have reached its best by date, you can lock down the kiosk until the next delivery.
  • A vendor has a product recall. Within seconds you can log into the Dashboard, see where the product is in stock, then lock down kiosks until you have the opportunity to remove the recalled product.

In this video we walk through just how easy it is to remotely lock down a kiosk – as well as remove that lock down. Enjoy!

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