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You are offering a new concept that many companies have never considered. Office managers regularly field calls from traditional catering companies looking to sell their service to employers. Businesses typically don’t have a budget to cater fresh food (100% subsidize) and may decline a conversation, initially thinking the business will need to incur the entire cost.

When you reinforce that employees are purchasing the food they eat, the sales process often goes a lot smoother.

Common objections and how to respond

Objection: Our company doesn’t have a budget for fresh food.
Rebuttal: One of the benefits of the technology is the ability to pass the cost of the food along to the employee. The employees purchase the food directly from the fridge, so the employer doesn’t incur that cost and employees have fresh food at their fingertips.

Objection: We encourage our employees to leave the office during lunch.
Rebuttal: Rather than having to rush to a nearby cafe to stand in line and have to rush back to the office, your team is able to eat in the office, outside in the sunshine, or spend that extra time walking outside or using it how they’d like – rather than dealing with the anxiety of waiting for food from a restaurant or delivery.

Objection: What if it’s not stocked often enough or with the right products?
Rebuttal: Our interests are aligned. We will stock the fridge regularly and with the right products because we want to sell as much food through the fridge as possible. Clients want to sell as much food through the fridge as possible because that means their team is being productive in the office.

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