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This overview will help inform your sales efforts and offer best practices for pitching your fresh food service over the phone. Scheduled pitch calls typically last 30 minutes as the sales rep walks through the sales deck. Be sure to share your screen with the sales prospect using a free screen share service like Google Hangouts or

You can use the talking points below or walk through a formal sales deck.

Outline of a phone pitch

Build Rapport

  • Introduce yourself, be affable.
  • Make a comment that gets a chuckle; demonstrate you’re someone they’ll enjoy talking to in the next thirty minutes. Be a person.

Start the Conversation

  • Confirm the prospect’s office location.
  • Determine employee count.
  • What are they doing currently for food and snacks on site?

Offer An Introduction to Your Business

  • Share how long your company has been in business
  • Arm yourself with a customer story that makes you look good and demonstrates your passion for the business and your customers
  • Provide social proof with a short list of companies you’re already working with, it’s even better if you’ve got references up your sleeve

Highlight the Problem

  • Until now 99% of offices don’t have access to fresh meals in the office.
  • Google/Facebook have figured out this productivity hack where providing fresh food on site makes employees happier, healthier and more productive.

Explain How the Store Works and Why Employees Love it

  • Narrate how the technology works. Companies that don’t offer free food are most interested in seeing how employees pay for the food. However, with Byte Technology stores employers have the opportunity to subsidize the cost of food by any percentage that works with their budget. Fully customizable!

Reinforce the Ease of Swipe, Grab, Go Technology

  • How it works: swipe a credit card and the store instantly inventories everything inside. Open the door and treat it like a normal retail experience where you can pick products up, put them back or put things back on different shelves. When an employee closes the door the store re-inventories and if there is any difference in the inventory after they closed the door, Byte knows what was removed, charges their card and sends an itemized receipt. It’s like having a mini Whole Foods which operates like an Amazon Go store in your office

Make Their Mouths Water

  • Reinforce that this isn’t a typical vending machine with chips, candy bars and soda. Highlight how often the fridge is restocked, the freshness and overall quality of your food.
  • Share your assortment of breakfast items, lunch options, heat and eat entrees and drinks.
  • The employer has total control over pricing. They can subsidize as much or as little as you’d like.

You’re Making it Simple with a Turn-Key Service

  • Are they interested?
  • Set up an on-site tasting as a next step. Yum!!
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8. Sales deck and talking points

After you’ve identified a contact and built interest over email and cold calls, it’s time to get them on the phone

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