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When sending ‘cold’ emails, you should be sending five emails over the course of 15 days. As with most things in life, the key to sales is persistence and patience. Below is a sample email sequence that you’re welcome to customize and use.

Email #1:

Hi {{Contact: Name}},

Have you ever considered bringing fresh food into your office, but assumed there wasn’t room in the budget? Then {{Company Name}} is right for you.

{{Company Name}} works with businesses like yours to offer fresh, healthy meals for employees to buy. We deliver a glass front fridge to your office, your employees swipe their credit card to purchase food. It’s like having a 24/7 mini (2ft X 2ft) Whole Foods in your office.

If you’ve ever considered bringing fresh food to your office, but don’t have the budget – then {{Prospect Name}} new solution makes sense.

Would you have 15 minutes for a call this week? 

Thank you,

Email #2

2 Days Later

Hi {{First Name}},

Isn’t it time to get fresh food in your office? We stock a fresh food fridge in your office with healthy meals, snacks, drinks and treats for your employees to purchase. That’s right. ({{Prospect: Name}} doesn’t pay for the food.

We’re working with other local businesses in {{Location Name}} and employees love the food we offer (see below).

The technology in the fridge knows exactly what was removed, and charges the person correctly (think: Amazon Go).

Do you have 10 minutes to discuss? If there’s a more appropriate contact, would you mind introducing me to the person?


Email #3

3 Days Later 

{{First Name}}, would you be interested in getting fresh food in your office?

Don’t worry:{{Prospect: Name}} isn’t paying for the food and having to give it away.

{{Prospect: Name}} isn’t paying for the food and having to give it away.

In 10 minutes we’ll install our fridge, then your employees can immediately start buying fresh food in the office.

We have a number of fridges in {{City Name}} and 90% of our customers say {{Company Name}} allows them to make healthier eating choices at work.

I’ll follow up with you tomorrow by phone.


Email #4

3 Days Later

 {{Contact: First Name,}}

May I speak with you or someone in your office about bringing great food to your team?

We’ve got something for everyone {Product photo} and would love to set up a time to discuss.

Would next week be better for a quick call about {{Company Name}} in your office?

I’ll check back with you by phone tomorrow to see how things are going.


Email #5

6 Days Later

Hi {{First Name}},

Seems like you’re not interested in getting fresh, healthy meals delivered each day to your office. No worries. If you ever change your mind, you know where to find me.

Here’s a link to our website {{hyperlink}} to give you a better idea of what we offer, just in case anything changes on your end.

Please let me know if there is a better time to reach you or if there is another contact at {{Prospect Name}} I should be getting in touch with.


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