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Sales prospecting is industry jargon for the process of making outbound calls or sending outbound emails with the intention of creating sales opportunities.

Prospecting boils down to two things: 

  1. Numbers 
  2. Time

Your goal is to reach as many prospects in as little time as possible. The best way to save time and maximize your numbers is by building a predictable and scalable process to reach your goals. This starts with first identifying sales leads, then creating the right content to send them.

How to identify sales leads

Most businesses around you are sales prospects looking for fresh food for their employees. Here are some tactics we’ve found helpful in identifying the contact information of potential sales leads:

  • Look at Google Maps and zoom in on large buildings in your specific geography; oftentimes these buildings are labeled with the company name and phone number of who is currently residing in them.

  • Once you identify the company, search LinkedIn for the appropriate job title at each company; you may want to leverage a LinkedIn Premium account.

  • Shortcut: Purchase leads directly from services like ZoomInfo or
  • Leverage free resources for downloading lead lists directly (Reference USA and or email automation resources (Rebump and CloudHQ).  

Once you identify a lead and create a list of targets, it’s important to create an outreach process that allows you to ‘touch’ each lead multiple times through email, phone and text. We cover this here.

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