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Adding to your product offerings

Stocking the right food is critical. The product mix offering snacks, drinks, and meals are essential to offer a diverse product menu to increase average ticket sales and increase repeat customers to come back for more every day. 

Most food operators have their set menu offerings based on kitchen and production limitations. For a Byte store, there are other ways to source and sell additional products. An easy way to expand your offering and boost sales is to buy food from wholesalers and sell it directly through your Byte fridge.

Stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and local catering companies* are ideal sources for delicious grab ‘n go products.

*Click HERE to find a catering company in your area.

Check out our latest video on how to shop at a Costco to add to your product mix:

Byte Sized Friday – Highlight Our Trip to Costco Surprised Us

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