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Webinar Recording: Getting Started with Byte Technology

In this webinar we break down just how easy it is to get started building a business with Byte Technology. We cover the following topics:

  • Our story of how we got started
  • How you can get started
    • Place: how to find your first location
    • Stock: create your product set (it’s as easy as a visit to your local Costco or Sam’s Club)
    • Earn:  break down the unit economics to understand your gross margin
  • Audience Q&A

We put our entrepreneurial boots back on and made a visit to Costco earlier this week. We spent $300 and created a set that was well-balanced with salads, soups, breakfast items, snacks, and drinks. This trip fully stocked a Byte Technology kiosk (photo below), with ample leftovers for restocking.

We hope you enjoy!

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