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Sales Tips from Our Founder

A little known fact about Byte Technology is that in the early days of the company our founders started out running the service themselves. They grew a nearly eight figure fresh vending business serving hundreds of locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area! You can read more about some of the learnings in this blog post.

Byte Technology’s platform was purpose-built for fresh food. The real time data, the not-a-vending-machine shopping experience, and the shelving that supports nearly any packaging form factor are just a few of Byte’s innovations that unlocked this massive market opportunity. Tens of thousands of locations in the US can benefit from having a range of fresh, healthy food available to their patrons, employees, students, or staff. You just have to know how to reach them. We’ve talked about how to acquire your first (or hundredth) location before, but there’s always more to share.

In this short video, our founder Lee Mokri walks through:

  • Free tools to use to find potential locations
  • How to get a prospect on the phone
  • How to pitch a prospect
  • An overview of the value your service adds to a location
  • Walk through a sample sales deck

Get your notebook, as this one is chock full of great information!

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