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The Proven Formula For Acquiring Your First (or 100th) Byte Location

The value of every Byte Technology platform is easy to spot: it’s a simple, low cost way to sell food without the use of a self-checkout system, honour system or even a human attendant. With the ability to be anytime and anywhere, Byte is revolutionizing how fresh food is delivered through unattended kiosks.

The take home message is clear: fresh food delivers clear ROI to any location. As the first provider of a small footprint unattended kiosk solution that supports fresh food, Byte partners have an innovative opportunity to launch the service in their market. With our tri-step formula, it’s easy to know who to approach, how to sell to them and what exactly will capture their attention.

1. Determine the best target to approach

We’re hardly realtors, but we know firsthand that determining the spot for your first Byte location is of tremendous importance. In the 6+ years of operating this business, we’ve noticed a variety of locations perform well for our clients. We’ve seen exceptional success with: apartment buildings, workplaces, warehouses, hotels, airports, community centers, hospitals or health clinics, universities, or anywhere else you can imagine someone wanting a quick bite to eat. Whether you’re just starting out, or meaningfully scaling your business, the right location can make or break your business.

There are two core tenets of who to sell to – the location type and the decision maker within that location. Who is a decision maker within a workplace? Knowing the appropriate person within a location to sell to is crucial, so invest time researching the roles within the company you’re targeting. It’s useless to pitch a marketing manager somewhere only to realize they don’t handle anything to deal with food. 

In a larger company, decisions around food or vending will most often fall within facilities or wellness, if that role exists. In smaller companies, try targeting the office manager, HR, or even the CEO. The goal of prospecting is to get the direct contact information associated with the spots you’re interested in. There are many tools that can be used to do this, and, yes, it’s very possible to prospect without spending a dime!

2. How to sell Byte to your prospects

Now that you’ve got a clear picture who you’re targeting – both the location type and the roles within those locations – you’re ready to start prospecting. When it comes to being a business development machine, consistency is key. It takes persistent follow-up to make contact with your prospect, so be ready to dial for dollars. Once you’ve made contact, your pitch must be on-point. This is your only chance to impress them, so make it count. Think of this as your 8-Mile moment. 

One point of emphasis is that building a lead list with really accurate information will come in handy in the short and long run, so it’s worth digging deep before you begin prospecting. If you’re not extracting enough value from your lead list, go back to the drawing board to research more context about your prospects. Making a list and checking it twice…wait, didn’t someone famous once say that?

3. Byte’s specific selling points

Byte isn’t simply a vending machine of chips and candy—this is a totally new service. Hospitals can offer 24/7 access to fresh food and further support visitors, patients, and workers after hours. An apartment complex is able to provide tenants another amenity, thus setting themselves apart from the competition. Byte isn’t your grandpa’s vending machine!

When it comes to selling Byte Tech, we’ve done lots of the legwork, so please use our sales deck template as a jumping off point to customize your own.

Below are slide-by-slide talking points:

Grab a Byte or two

Workplaces surge forward from the benefits of improved productivity, stronger culture, and enhanced wellness derived from fantastic food. Byte’s unattended kiosks are the future of retail innovation and we’re delighted to share our knowledge with our partners who are setting up their first or 100th kiosk.

We know that location, location, location is crucial when it comes to setting your Byte food business up for success. Prospecting like a pro doesn’t need to cost a lot, but it requires building a list that will serve your needs, now and into the future. Investing the time to find the appropriate contacts will make reaching decision-makers much more fruitful. Once the list has been finalized, being persistent and consistent is the next step. When it comes to pitching, this is your one shot, so make it count. Hopefully these pointers get you off to a strong start or augment your existing sales process.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into best practices, check out our recent webinar on Selling the Service.

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