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Unlock Business Potential with Byte Technology’s Advanced Discounting Features

In a world where dynamic pricing is the norm, the digitally displayed pricing of the Byte smart fridge stands out as an innovation that truly resonates with the modern consumer’s expectations. Leveraging the power of real-time discounts, you can harness new heights of business growth and customer engagement through the Byte Technology platform. Let’s explore the realms of discounting that can not only help save you money but potentially be a powerful revenue generator.

When Should Discounts be Used in Smart Vending?

Timing is Everything:

Discounts can be an especially powerful tool when used to leverage specific time frames. . Here’s how:

  1. Off-Peak Hours: Encouraging customers to visit during off-peak hours can help to increase revenue during typically slower times. Offering discounts during these periods can keep the momentum going throughout the day.
  2. Seasonal Promotions: Align your discounts with seasons or festivals to create a buzz and attract more customers. For instance, summer discounts on cool beverages or winter discounts on hot soups can be a hit.
  3. Weekday Specials: To counteract slow weekdays, introduce special discounts to boost customer footfall.
  4. End of Week Specials: Relevant for those operators serving workplaces with 5-day workweeks, setting an end of week special can help minimize losses prior to a weekend.

Byte’s platform allows you to set recurring discounts by day of week or time of day. The kiosk automatically updates pricing based on the schedule you preset, allowing you to “set it and forget it”.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Utilizing data can help in making informed decisions about when and how much to discount. Here are some data sources and types that can be instrumental:

  • Sales Data: Analyzing historical sales data from the Byte Dashboard can help identify patterns and trends, assisting in pinpointing the best times for discounts.
  • Time on Shelf Data: Unique to the Byte platform is the ability to see how long each individual product has been on the shelf. Is a specific lot of product about to expire? Set up a targeted discount to avoid taking that product cost as a loss. Download shelf life data from the Products page.
  • Customer Feedback: Utilize feedback and reviews to understand customer preferences, which can guide the creation of discounts that are both attractive and relevant. Customers provide feedback directly through the emailed receipt, allowing you to quickly review what people love (and don’t love) under the Feedback section of the Byte Dashboard.
  • Competitor Analysis: Keep an eye on competitors’ discount strategies to formulate offers that stand out in the market.

Helpful Data Points for Timing and Amount of Discount:

  • Customer Segmentation: Analyze different customer segments and their buying behaviors to tailor discounts that resonate with specific groups. With Byte’s platform you have access to customer emails, giving you the ability to target different customer groups with unique coupons.
  • Price Elasticity: Understanding the price elasticity of your products can help determine the optimal discount percentage that maximizes profits without sacrificing customer value. How much is that same sandwich or drink selling for at the local market? At a nearby cafe? Don’t forget that the close proximity and convenience of your Byte kiosk allows you to command a price premium.

Discounts on the Byte Platform

Discover the different kinds of discounts that the Byte platform offers and how they can be customized to cater to various business needs:

  1. Standard Discount: Easily adapt to market trends with flexible standard discounts. You can set them as either a dollar amount or a percentage off, which can be applied variably across stores, products, or categories. Plus, schedule them to recur on particular days or hours to maximize impact.
  2. Happy Hour Discount: Engage customers during typically slow hours with a happy hour discount. This time-based incentive can be customized in terms of pricing and recurrence, fostering a regular customer base who look forward to these special hours.
  3. Shelf Life Discount: Mitigate losses due to spoilage with Byte’s unique Shelf Life Discount. This smart feature lets you apply timely discounts to products nearing their expiration date, promoting quicker sales and reducing waste. For example, a salad nearing its expiry can be marked down by 50%, encouraging customers to purchase it before it goes to waste.
  4. Coupons: Enhance customer loyalty and promote new locations using Byte’s coupon system. Offering either a dollar or percentage off, these coupons can be crafted to target specific stores, products, or categories, encouraging targeted sales growth. For example, the coupon code FIRSTTRY can be a fantastic way to boost engagement at a new location.

Use Discounts to Benefit Your Business

Discounting is not just a tool to clear slow-moving products but a strategy to augment your business revenues. Here’s how:

Avert Losses

Utilizing the Shelf Life Discount not only prevents losses from spoilage but also can contribute to revenue generation. Even breaking even by covering costs is a gain compared to a total loss.

Drive Additional Revenue

Explore the potential of Byte’s discount functionalities to catalyze business growth. Successful clients leverage subsidies to facilitate a win-win situation for both the business and the customers. Here’s how it works:

  • Subsidies: These are an excellent way to foster a positive workplace environment, boost employee morale, and promote a healthier lifestyle. It can range from time-based subsidies, encouraging healthier food choices, to day-of-the-week specials to uplift employee spirits.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with businesses to offer coupons and incentives to their employees, creating a nurturing ecosystem that encourages more usage of the Byte fridge, while offering perks to employees.


From minimizing spoilage to enhancing customer engagement and fostering a healthy workplace environment, Byte Technology’s advanced discounting capabilities offer numerous avenues to grow your business innovatively. Keen on exploring more? We are here to guide you through the endless possibilities.

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