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How Byte Helped Meals on Wheels New Mexico Reinvent the Organization With A New, On-The-Go Concept

Meals on Wheels New Mexico: A Fresh Start with “Forage”

Since its inception in 1972, Meals on Wheels New Mexico has been committed to nourishing the community with nutritious meals. However, overcoming the perception of providing “old people’s cafeteria food” has been a challenge for the organization.

Enter “Forage”, the brainchild of Dennis Plummer, the Chief Strategy Officer, and Gaabe Zamora, who envisioned a brand that not only reshapes the organization’s image but also forms a sustainable revenue stream for their mission. Teaming up with Byte Technology, they introduced vending kiosks that offer a variety of healthy, locally sourced grab-and-go meals.

Positioned strategically in healthcare facilities, the Forage kiosks are aligning with the healthcare providers’ mission by offering nourishing food choices around the clock. What sets Forage apart is its commitment to the community; not only are they fueling the local economy by partnering with New Mexican farmers and producers, but they also reinvest 100% of their profits into Meals on Wheels’ home delivery service.

Moreover, Forage is conscious of reducing waste. Any unsold food is donated to local shelters, thus sustaining a cycle of giving back to the community.

With a growing presence in the state and a changing narrative that sees the Forage logo as a symbol of community-driven initiative, the organization is eyeing expansion into other bustling spaces like airports and gyms. It’s not just about offering great food; it’s about “great food that does good”.

In forging a brand that echoes community support, healthy living, and sustainable economy, Forage is reshaping Meals on Wheels New Mexico’s story, one healthy vending machine at a time. It’s a fresh beginning, with a promise of nurturing not just individuals, but an entire community with quality, locally-sourced meals that cater to both taste and wellness.

Show Notes:

00:00 Overview
00:55 The challenge
02:24 How Meals on Wheels found Byte
02:54 About the Forage brand
04:24 Byte’s mission
05:12 How Forage uses Byte Technology
06:36 Forage’s impact on their community
07:12 What Forage is stocking
09:51 Building the Forage brand
10:30 Forage’s experience working with Byte
12:08 Menu price points
13:23 Donating unsold food

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