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Williams College Vending Goes Fresh with Byte Technology

Dive into an engaging conversation between Megan Mokri, the founder and CEO of Byte Technology, and Temesgen Araya, the innovative Director of Dining Services at Williams College. Discover why Williams College embraced Byte’s groundbreaking smart fridge solution and learn how they strategically placed and stocked the smart fridges with a variety of top-quality, fresh snacks and meals.

Temesgen shares the immense pride his team feels in revolutionizing campus dining with healthier vending options, and reveals the exciting future he envisions for the partnership between Williams College and Byte Technology.

Don’t miss this chance to reimagine the future of campus dining with Byte Technology.

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction
00:25 The dining program at Williams College
01:11 The problem that led Williams College to seek out Byte
03:13 Why Byte
04:13 Using student card points at Byte kiosks
05:31 Grab ‘n go items they stock
06:33 The results
10:00 Reusable containers for a sustainable solution
10:55 Williams College’s future partnership with Byte

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