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Byte Success Stories: An Interview with Thrive Juicery

Earlier this week, we sat down with Anna Mignery, the owner of Thrive Juicery. Thrive Juicery has two retail storefronts in Ann Arbor, MI and recently began deploying Byte Technology kiosks into gyms and workplaces nearby to extend the reach of their products to new customers. Anna’s team engaged with Byte in late December, went live with Thrive Juicery’s first Byte kiosk in January, and are already expanding additional kiosks into new locations. That’s a lot of progress in less than 2 months!

Anna’s story is an inspiring one that originates with the health journey of her husband and continues to evolve as she uses the Byte platform help her business enter new channels. Anna understands that proximity is power, and that by embedding a Byte Technology kiosk within consumers’ daily lives she’s going to help drive sales – and wellness. 

View the full interview here.

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